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Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes at Jyoti Yoga Therapy, YogaPatricia

Eye Yoga (in any of our classes)

Therapeutic Flow Yoga

This practice creates a deeply rejuvenating experience through the many postures that literally hold you as you let go. It is in this deep letting go that a sweet calm can be reached, a repose that allows the innate intelligence of the body to restore balance and well-being. Emphasis is placed on use of breath and learning the basic principles of alignment for your body to experience the full benefit of each pose. Each class explores yoga therapy, some pranayama, and exploration of flow yoga, linking breath to movement.By moving into stillness through the layers of the body, emotions and thoughts, we find at our core a sense of quiet connection; we return to our true essence of peace. 

Restorative Yin Yoga

A quiet practice that compliments your regular dynamic yoga practice. Yin Yoga targets the spine, hips and legs and releases energy to the joints unlike a dynamic yoga practice that directs the energy to the muscles. A small number of poses are held comfortably for approximately 3 to 4 minutes each using props if you wish to support your pose. Each pose is designed to open meridians (pathways  through the body, carrying energy or prana). Yin Yoga applies strategic stress to connective tissues to help prevent deterioration of these tissue as we age. We increase our range of motion and reverse our aging process through Yin Yoga.


“Prana” means life sustaining energy  and “yama” means to control. Pranayama is the regulation of this vital life force. Thus by regulating the breath, one can gain mastery over body, mind and spirit. If we become conscious of our breathing, we can charge the whole body with fresh life. Deep full breathing takes in seven times more oxygen than our shallow breathing creating a greater purification of the blood. If we know how to do conscious breathing, we can live longer and in perfect health.


Mudras are gestures of the hands or body that allow us to attune to specific energy frequencies within our being. Although there is only one source energy, there are many facets and through the practice of mudras we tune into all the different energies which exist in the universe. It is these energies we explore through the practice of mudras. An analogy would be radio waves. The hands act as antennas to direct these energies into our being where our body becomes a receiver for all the various aspects of this universal energy.


Meditation is a key component to any yoga class. The quiet practice is often introduced at the beginning and end of our yoga classes. Meditation encourages a clearing of the mind and can bring about emotional healing and serenity. It is a practice of stillness.  If our mind is peaceful, we are free from worries and we experience true happiness. Eventually, we will be able to stay happy even in the most difficult circumstances. In our meditation practice, we return to the true essence of our being which is inner peace. “Be still and listen to the body.”

Anyone Can Be a Yogi/Yogini

No matter what your level of fitness or flexibility, you can enjoy health and lifestyle benefits from practicing yoga at Jyoti Yoga Therapy, YogaPatricia. Many yoga poses -- or "asanas", as they are called in Sanskrit -- are fairly easy to do. Even the advanced asanas can often be modified to make them more accessible to the novice yogi/yogini. We can accommodate students at all ages of people. Even if you have a medical concern, such as pregnancy or a previous injury, we can especially guide you on the journey to heal the body and keep your yoga practice safe.

Introductory Special:

$35 for 5 Classes | $65 for 10 Classes | $10 drop-in | $5 drop-in with student ID

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